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Welcome to the Family Lawyers For You website, a service provided by the expert family lawyers at Canter Levin & Berg Solicitors.

Family Lawyers For You can help you with a wide variety of family law situations you might find yourself in. We are here to help if you need advice or representation in connection with a divorce, dissolving a civil partnership, getting legal advice if you’ve been the victim of domestic violence or abuse as well as many other areas of family law. When we help you with a family law issue, we aim to provide you with compassionate, professional and confidential family legal advice to help you when you need it the most.

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Why use Family Lawyers For You?

As Liverpool based family law solicitors, we are well placed to help you with any family law issue you might face. At Family Lawyers For You our solicitors have successfully helped people in need of professional legal advice, whatever their circumstances. We are committed to offering professional family law services to people who are faced with difficult legal situations. We aim to ensure our clients get the best possible outcome to their family law problems.

Whatever you need from an expert family lawyer, the team here at Family Lawyers For You have the experience and expertise that can make a difference to your case. Working alongside other members of the legal profession, social services and other relevant organisations our family law solicitors can help you to resolve your family law issues, whether they involve the breakdown of a relationship, contact and residence arrangements for your children, safeguarding a child or vulnerable person from abuse or any of the many other issues we have helped people with in the past.

To request a free initial consultation with one of our family lawyers you can call us on 0151 239 1000. All calls are kept strictly confidential.